Making The Rest Of Our Life The Best Of Our Life


Hello, fellow citizens on planet earth! We are Tony n Annette,


Why HEALTHYPLAN, you may ask!

This has to relate to our passions.


Having experienced our share of ups and downs in our life journey (who don’t?) we are much blessed to be financially sound and MOST OF ALL – Be Healthy!

With much grateful hearts, we desire to share what we learnt to empower others to be healthy. Coupled with being financially sound, you and your loved ones can indeed live a happy and rewarding life.


Another passion of ours concerns the economic front. Having braved through several rounds of economic upheavals, and especially recently, with the relentless accelerating pace of disruption in the marketplace and workplace, we see the “writings on the wall”, so to speak. The ‘old economy’ is fast being replaced by the newer, more agile, more internet connected AI-enabled economy.

Nevertheless, on the other hand, the evolution of the gig economy, sharing economy that emerges offer unending opportunities as well – if only one care to pause, observed, examine, decide and take concrete action to take advantage of these opportunities.


Or you may be looking for solution to pay down your debts faster than what the financial institutions stipulates but dread the idea of having to wrestle with these institutions. Sure we can help.

You may already be running a small and medium sized business and needs to install or update to a solid e-Commerce enabled web platform with effective digital marketing strategy. You have come to the right place!


Regardless of the status of the economy, when we live, we need to spend. (This is true now even if you are in a communist country!). So, is there a platform to just convert what you have to spend anyway to help generate income and build a fledgling business with leverage? YES. We have successfully stepped out of the ‘work for others to make a living’ world and thrive with a platform to create our own economy.

Talking about creating our own economy, are you familiar with the term ‘Shopping Annuity’? If not, maybe we need to connect. You would be surprised by the possibilities opening for you as entrepreneur to build passive residual income.




Today, opportunities are available even to the ordinary people with modest means to ride and rise above all these disruptions. One of the very important trait we discover is that of having an entrepreneurial mindset.

We are passionate in bringing our brand of digital entrepreneurship on this website.

We are not saying that everyone should not have job but saying that even if you have a job, it is worth your while to keep your options option by exploring avenue for additional income on the side. Take a look. Explore what we have, we may have solution you have been looking for to help you win in certain aspects of your life – be it concerning Health & Nutrition, Weight Management, Skincare & Beauty, Healthy Home (for the very young, mature or even pets). Or it can be even towards building a Plan B income.


We are living in a ‘digital’ age. Why not tap the power of eBusiness with a tried and true online platform to build a strong future for ourselves and even leave a legacy we can be proud of. An online platform with several ‘recession-proof’ divisions for solid sales performance, with no need for the overheads associated with traditional business, is operational 24/7. The most powerful feature is that this business model is built with leverage in mind, so that the entrepreneur is not forced to ‘work on the business’ the entire time and have time and financial freedom.


What about supporting the local stores? Glad you ask!
In fact, still quite substantial business transactions occur offline. For example, having a new hairdo, dining with family and friends, changing your car engine oil, have a relaxing time at the spa etc. Shop your favorite local store and earn Cashback? Why not.


While you are browsing through, maybe your entrepreneurial cells start to be awaken. You start wondering, “If Tony and Annette can run this business, let me check this out with them – perhaps it can be for me too” Good Thinking!

What most people don’t realize is that they can create a viable business simply by adopting this simple concept : CONVERT SPENDING INTO EARNING

Our 3 passions are our ‘WHY’ we are sharing what we have and what we do.

The many social media platform that we can be contacted is found at the “Let’s Connect” section at the bottom right of the page. Feel free to get in touch with us for questions that you may have. There is no such thing as silly question. Will love to hear from you 🙂