Making The Rest Of Our Life The Best Of Our Life


Hi, this is Tony n Annette
we are ‘retired’ couple previously working in the IT industry – in quotes as we really feel we are enjoying this opportunity to re-fire our lives.

As most of you, our priorities are now health and relationship.

Another added exciting development for us is the journey is entrepreneurship.

Learning to better ourselves on many fronts has been rewarding.
We are sharing what we learn along the way to better ourselves and help change people’s lives. That’s what this site aims to provide.

Healthy from the inside out. Exciting science behind new development is helping us to stay healthy and enjoy better quality of life all around.
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The Internet has opened up unprecedented opportunities for enterpreneurship. It’s not just about the mechanics of business but also the people part – relationship skills, leadership, mindset etc. that can be learnt.
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Having re-built our house a few years back, we decided to explore short-term rental platform as a extension of our business portfolio. Given that Vancouver is a popular stop for tourists world-wide, we find this opportunity rewarding as we get to be ambassador for our beautiful city of Vancouver.
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