As the retailing scene turns unmistakably to online, away from the traditional brick and mortar model, many retailers hustle to own a piece of action on the Internet.

Invariably, retailers face challenges that they have never encountered as this is the new ocean that they are fishing in. In fact, the current can be swift and strong, carrying away those that are not so prepared to meet the challenges of technology advances at rapid pace.

At SHOP.COM this challenge is met head on by Mark Ashley, the Vice President of Mobile and Social, who is now the President of SHOP.COM. Starting years ago, Mark Ashley has seen the trend towards mobile and decided to drive the retail platform technology from the ground up with ‘Mobile-First’.

The hard work has paid off as seen in the latest result.

SHOP.COM – 3rd Fastest Loading Mobile Site


As reported by Internet Retailer, SHOP.COM has speed past even much larger retail establishment to make it to top 3 Fastest Loading Mobile Website. To even surpass technology companies like Apple and Amazon is not easy feat.

Nevertheless, the work surely does not stop there. Internet technology evolves and players need to be constantly improving and fine-tuning its methods and delivering on giving customers a pleasant shopping experience to earn its keep in the online retailing arena.

How SHOP.COM achieve this level of success?

For this, let’s take a trip back to 2015 to see SHOP.COM’s vision with Marc Ashley.

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Responsive Design

The pursue of mobile page loads is a relentless one. To reduce the load time from 11 seconds (imagine 11 seconds to load a page!) to around 3 seconds (more like it but still way to go), in Mark’s words – “a bunch of weight needed to be shed”.

The focus has been on Speed and Simplicity are key to design.

Check Out

For pleasant customer experience, the Checkout process has to be made easy. Lots of analytic went to what elements customers really interact with and drop the huge majority that are superfluous. Enlisting the help of tag management vendor to consolidate requests to the server that stemmed from analytics, personalization and recommendations program to improve performance, SHOP.COM is able to elimate 2 to 3 clicks in the checkout process on mobile.

Single Code Base

This has help tremendously in supporting development effort towards responsive design. There is no need for code switching that penalize on response time for customers who are getting increasingly impatient.


To ensure high degree of consistency of the final product at launch, SHOP.COM’s development team constantly tested site renderings across no fewer than 50 devices.

In-House Talent

From working with a vendor several years ago, SHOP.COM now does its development efforts in-house. According to Mark, SHOP.COM is able to attract the brightest, most inquisitive talents into its pool of developers and quality assurance team and forging ahead as one of the best team in the industry.

Mobile Sales Growth

Even back in 2015 at the time of the report, SHOP.COM’s mobile sales had risen 561% in the first year (making SHOP.COM the fastest mobile growth company on Internet Retailer list) that web and mobile web design were brought in-house and a new version of SHOP.COM were launched.


There’s lots more to do and the future is mobile indeed. SHOP.COM is working to meet the going challenge and entrench itself as the leader leading the parade in the arena of Online Retailing.


Is your business going online and mobile?

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