In this Internet era, if your business or organization does not have a presence on the Internet, it is like your business or organization don’t exist.

Is this because your potential clients or business partners will most likely check you out on the Internet before making any further move. It is a becoming somewhat like a gauge of legitimacy and authenticity of the existence of your business or organization.

So, getting your website design right is very important. However, like most business owner, you will not be familiar with the website design process.

Hence it is essential that you work closely with your service provider for this important project.

Here are some suggestions as to the questions you should ask your website design project manager.

What is My Role

You are the one most familiar with your business. Most likely, you are the one to provide the content (write-up text, images and logos,  videos, links etc.) to be used on your website.

At WebSolutions by maWebCenters, you can login to your account and follow the wizard to submit your content, thoughts and ideas.  All of your submissions will be stored here so you don’t have to worry about big files, sending multiple emails or trying to keep track of everything.  Once you’ve completed the wizard, we will send you designs and other items for you to review, request edits or approve.

How Workflow Is Managed?

Your website projects your image to the world.

It is to be done with utmost care and the whole website design process is actually a carefully orchestrated project involving several specialists.

The level of interaction requires that organization and communication skills to be critically important. This is why a project management system is necessary for the success of a project.

At WebSolutions by maWebCenters, each client is assigned a Project Manager who interacts with you and the various teams that work on your project. You will have an online account with access to every part of your project.  This account is also visible to your project manager and various teams who work on your project so that everyone always on the same page.

How To Provide Content For Best SEO Results?

There’s a difference between uploading your menu natively and simply scanning in a PDF or JPG of your menu.  The native upload will work serve you better on search engines.  Ask your designer how they keep the site’s organic SEO value in mind when they design.

At WebSolutions by maWebCenters, we don’t take short cuts and we will always advise you if there is a better way to do something.  Sure, it may take us more time to natively upload something verses scanning an image but the success of your website is our top priority.  We don’t have contracts to keep you locked in with us.  Instead, we have to earn your business each month and one of the ways that we do that is by doing things the right way.

What If I Need More Time To Organize My Content?

Most design firms will charge you extra if your project takes longer than planned.  As a traditional business owner, you are probably very busy and would want to determine your web designer’s stance on this.

At WebSolutions by maWebCenters, we will adhere to our timeline commitments to 100% as long as we have everything that we need from you.  If you need more time to get us information, we will adjust our timelines accordingly but never charge you extra for that.  Our Design Packages clearly state what you will get for each product, even if it takes you a few extra weeks to gather some content or other info.

How About Ongoing Support?

Some companies only work on new projects and offer no ongoing support.  Some charge per hour, or with packages for strict time limits.  A website is a living document that evolves through time. It is an ongoing project so you’ll want to know what the plan for future support is once your site is launched.

At WebSolutions by maWebCenters, we offer award-winning unlimited 24/7 support for your site.  We have specialists in Site Editing, E-commerce, Domains/Emails, Digital Marketing and Social Media in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese.  In addition, you can always request to work with specific members of our tech support staff!  If you would prefer to have us manage your site for you on monthly basis, ask about our “Managed Monthly Membership” program.

Ask the questions and find the right provider for you.  If you would like to discuss these or any other question that you have, feel free to contact us at w.maWebCenters.com/ulink or call 866-WEB-HELP.




If you are contracting out your website design,

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