Google Mobilegeddon – Apr 21, 2015!

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The BIG QUESTION comes Apr 21, 2015 : Is y0ur website Mobile Friendly?

If you haven’t notice how important this question is, just search the term ‘Google Mobilegeddon’ and you will find tons of articles talking about it :


The long and short is this : if your website is not ‘mobile-friendly’ in the eye of Google’s search engine, your site will rank lower in search results on mobile devices!

Considering that mobile devices is a fast growing platform among users, this change is pretty significant.

To see whether your website pass Google’s ‘mobile friendly’ test, visit  Google’s tool to quickly evaluate the status of a page. On this page, you will also get advice on what steps to take to make changes to your site pass the test.

Remember that this change can be a good opportunity to get your website appear more favourable compared to others who have not take the diligence to upgrade their virtual assets.

All the Best with your website mobile friendly update.

– Tony n Annette




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