Security is a very important component when you have digital assets on the Internet – and that includes your website.

You definitely do not want your website visitors to be exposed to cyber eave-dropping or worst still, even identity theft, cyber attacks and those bad things happening.

If this is so, why then are all website encrypted? Simple, because they cost money and while there are ‘free’ solutions, not all business owners are tech savvy enough to understand and implement them as there are many steps involved and can easily overwhelm even inexperience IT professional in this field.

In fact, from 2017, Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) insist that website must implement site encryption in order for website to be included in search results. This is to protect the general public and also to hold the search results to higher standard of safety and integrity.

What is the point of having a website but not being able to have it found by people searching for your products and services? That will be a total waste of resources, wouldn’t it. It’s like you do not have a web presence in any meaningful way.

GREAT NEWS! Our maWebCenters websites now come with Full Site Encryption- without additional cost of our website customers.

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