WebCenter Certification Training on Oct 14, 2017

It was indeed a full-house session on Saturday October 14, 2017 on the day of the run of our inaugural WebCenter Certification Training for 101 and 201 courses. UnFranchise Owners from Greater Vancouver lower mainland and Greater Seattle, Washington region were present for a total of 6.5 solid learning session about how the WebCenter division…Read more WebCenter Certification Training on Oct 14, 2017

More Value For Our Website Customers!

Our WebSolutions division (of which we are certified trainer), has been working very hard to add features that are in demand by our website clients. In August 2017, the added feature set are finalized and has come LIVE for all existing and new websites. These Digital Marketing and e-Commerce enhancements are adding so much value…Read more More Value For Our Website Customers!

The WebSolutions Difference

It is natural that customers asks about price during the process of considering the service of websolutions that I offer. As always, there is a little education necessary to help them understand it is important to compare 'apple to apple'. Price is after all, a valuation proposition of the package of products and services. Comparing…Read more The WebSolutions Difference

Custom Build Your Web Site? Sure!

We serve the web presence needs of hundreds of thousands of businesses over the years, providing turnkey solution to small and medium size business market. We understand the needs of our clients to grow their business with a fresh and inviting web presence to attract their customers. Our division of hundreds of highly skilled web…Read more Custom Build Your Web Site? Sure!

Moving On To New Standards

If you have been using the Internet since the early years (200x), you probably read and learn about the great things Adobe has developed that enable interactive contents on web pages. I am referring to the technology called Flash, created by Adobe. Flash was ubiquitous for a great number of years. It was the only…Read more Moving On To New Standards