Coming from IT background, when we decide on establishing a business as entrepreneur, we explored the various business platform and market landscape as essential part of exercising our due diligence.

We come to appreciate that this is the 21st century. The Internet has opened tremendous opportunities that otherwise would not be possible. The previous constraining wall of information scarcity has been torn to miter-lands. On the other hand, there are so much choices possible from the vast sea of information that the application of wisdom is actually more important than the acquisition of knowledge. So, it is the Best Of Times, and it is also the Worst Of Times. We decided it is the former and set to launch our entrepreneurial pursue (we will discuss our WHY in subsequent posts).

Have you heard of Disruptive Technology? Sure you do by now.

Consider Uber, it is one of the largest operator of ride services but does not own a freight of vehicles. AirBnB host guests in cities over the world but does not own accommodation property. Facebook publishes tons of posts from people across the globe each day but hardly post anything by itself. There are many more examples.

All these business platforms come about because of the advancement of technologies that leverages the Internet.

So how about running a business without physical store, without holding inventories, incurring no rent, with no need for employees, opening 24/7 and is global right on the get go? Something to do with Internet or the common term – Online. Of course!

Observing the developing trend of many physical stores closing over the years and more using mobile devices to place online orders, we decided online shopping platform is the way to go.

In fact, our business is not just an online store. It is an online marketplace. We will share more about our online marketplace platform in other pages and blogs.

Suffice to say that our online marketplace business has close to 40 web portals serving customers for several divisions of our business.

Head over to Online Marketplace  and see what we mean