Get ready to pamper yourself – right at home – with experience like going to the spa?!

Yes, you can. In fact it can get pretty close – if you try some of the very delightful new products from ROYAL SPA!

It’s a trio of body care products infused with — brown sugar.

If you haven’t tried, you definitely should. Immediately the rich fragrance of brown sugar invoke the sense of calm, satisfaction and excellence that make you feel totally pampered and wanting to linger in the bathroom a little longer 🙂

Royal Spa® Foaming Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Take the time to coat yourself with this delicious, soothing scrub made from brown sugar.

Treat yourself to the caramel hues and a sugary scent of an enriched formula that features the exfoliating elements of brown sugar crystals and walnut shell powder, and moisture-preserving humectants.

After a long day, replenish your skin’s softness with the Royal Spa Foaming Brown Sugar Body Scrub.


  • Brown sugar crystals gently polish away dull, rough skin
  • Walnut shell powder exfoliates to soften skin
  • Foaming action cleanses the skin of dirt and impurities
  • Leaves skin looking smooth and refreshed
  • Pleasant, subtle scent of brown sugar



Royal Spa® Moisturizing Brown Sugar Body Lotion

Condition your skin with an ultra-nourishing lotion formulated with brown sugar, nature’s moisturizer.

Your skin is left feeling soft and smooth to touch, with a sweet scent that lingers throughout the day.

Treat your skin to luxury with the Royal Spa Moisturizing Brown Sugar Body Lotion.


  • Moisturizes the body for smoother-feeling skin
  • Conditions to relieve dry skin
  • Leaves skin delicately scented with brown sugar



Royal Spa® Nourishing Brown Sugar Bath & Shower Gel

Bathe your skin in the sweet scent of brown sugar with this foaming shower gel.

Infused with mica, this caramelized body cleanser leaves skin feeling soft and conditioned throughout the day.

Refresh your skin with the Royal Spa Nourishing Brown Sugar Bath & Shower Gel.


  • Nourishing lather cleanses the body
  • Does not dry out skin like bar soap
  • Leaves skin delicately scented with brown sugar






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