There were much to catch up with the rapid developments with Market America | SHOP.COM.

The World Conference is an excellent event to do just that – with some 24,000 UnFranchise Owners gathering together to learn from the BEST in the business.

This year is also special for us as our daughter Amelia, also an UnFranchise Owner herself, decides to come along with us!



Loren Ridinger, Vice President of Market America | SHOP.COM giving her opening address



JR Ridinger CEO Market America | SHOP.COM giving thumb-up to the packed-full stadium of UnFranchise Owners



We always look forward to COO Market America | SHOP.COM Mark Ashley’s address.


A glimpse of the stadium event


Dennis Franks, Executive Vice President on the stage

Gen-Y Entrepreneurs got the #ShoppingAnnuity bug!

Gen-Y Entrepreneurs got the #ShoppingAnnuity bug!


Moses Tang, Vancouver Gen-Y Leaders and team

Moses Tang, Vancouver Gen-Y Leaders and team

#TeamVancouver at the event

#TeamVancouver at the event!


We got the #ShoppingAnnuity bug too!


A quick shot in front of the American Airlines Arena in Miami


#TeamVancouver having group session together

#TeamVancouver having group session together



With Cristina Salvador, Canada Country Director


Annette with Dennis Franks



With Mr. Shopping Annuity, Carl Eklund



Celebrating Chinese New Year right at the event!


JuneLiu-at MAWC2016

Vancouver Field Leader June Liu giving her address as Executive Field Vice President at MAWC2016


Vancouver Gen-Y Leader Moses Tang sharing his experience on the stage at MAWC2016


Daymond John, Shark Tank entrepreneur and Author of “Power of Broke” at MAWC2016

Joseph "Fat Joe" Cartagena - A New Perspective

Joseph “Fat Joe” Cartagena – A New Perspective




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