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In the beginning of the month, together with our business partners, we went to our online business World Conference hosted at Miami.

There are many exciting updates which we will share in upcoming posts.

Over-all, we can summarize the updates into 2 broad categories:

a) making for a more robust retailing platform with SHOP.COM advancements

b) making SHOPPING ANNUITY even more practical with the continuous introduction of every day household essentials

We also take this opportunities to explore Miami and take in the warm weather – as a great break from the cold weather in Vancouver!

Following are some moments that we will like to share in this post!

Roaming Miami with our business partner, Cesar

Beach bums!

Trying out a Haitian restaurant

With another business partner at Bayside

At the American Airline Arena where the World Conference is held

SHOP.COM World Conference 2108 begins!


2017 ma University West Coast Product Symposium

This year we decided to attend the West Coast Product Symposium of our business conducted at Anaheim, CA.

The 3-day course from September 15 – 17, 2017 covered a wide range of product range with an impressive line-up of health professional in the Speaker lineup.

Event Speakers Line-up :
Dennis Franks, Executive Vice President
Dr. Deedra Mason, N.D. and Director of Clinical Education and Research
Mark Lange, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry and Director of Quality Control
Nancy Miller–Ilhi, Ph.D. with specialties in in Environmental Chemistry, Spectroscopy and Analytical Chemistry
Dr. Stephen Mercer, M.D and Ph.D
Dr. Daniel Witkowski, Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Topics covered include:

General Health Topics
Lifestyle Medicine, 8 Pillars of Health, What’s New In Skin Care, Nutrition In the News, Importance of Key Ingredients, Sugar Time Bomb, Dental Health, Prostate Health, Stress Management, Mental Health, Immunity, Digestive Health, Blue Light and Eye Strain From Digital Devices, Drugs and Supplements

Existing Health and Skin Care Products Lines
TLS, NutriClean Greens, Vitashield and Hot Products,

New Product Lines
Isotonix Essentials Turn-Up, Turn-Down, Women Health, Anti-Aging, Trim Tea, DNA Vitamin C and D Chews, Pre-Post Natal Shakes and Essential Oils

Business Development Related Topics
Shopping Annuity
Debt Shredder

It was truly pack-ful agenda of solid training.

Tony set off with Cesar, our new Business Partner and really learnt a lot from this impactful professionally conducted business training. We are now armed with new knowledge and confidence of product quality and efficacy. It is our turn to share to the world how we can help restore and instill healthy lifestyle to everyone who are willing to act for their health well being. For those will want to consider launching into online business, we now also have more updated, trendy range of products and services in our business offering.

Taking a quick break at the airport

2 Big Binders Covering The Training Event

Cesar and Tony with Dr. Deedra Mason, N.D. and Director of Clinical Education and Research

With Dennis Franks, Executive Vice President

With Dr Mark Lange, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry and Director of Quality Control

Cesar and Tony with Dr. Stephen Mercer, M.D and Ph.D

Cesar with Dr. Stephen Mercer, M.D and Ph.D

Cesar and Tony with Dr. Daniel Witkowski, Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Cesar and Tony with the entire Speaker Line-Up. One day Cesar will be among the Line-Up!

It’s all serious professional training at the MA West Coast Product Symposium

Thanks to our new product – Isotonix Turn-Up, we are able to keep our focus during the training sharp and alert 🙂 Great, effective product!

Dr. Ma, from Vancouver, giving a coring right after the training session.

Dr. Ma’s coring is very well received by the Chinese speaking , from Vancouver, giving a coring right after the training session




The WebSolutions Difference

It is natural that customers asks about price during the process of considering the service of websolutions that I offer.

As always, there is a little education necessary to help them understand it is important to compare ‘apple to apple’. Price is after all, a valuation proposition of the package of products and services. Comparing and determining by price alone often is not the best way as there are many varied elements to the package that more than meet the eye by just casual glance.

Most frequently, a vendor putting forth a product package at a very low price will often charge for every other ‘upgrades’ or impose limits on product features or availability.

We at WebSolutions has compiled a competitive analysis of what we offer as a package against several other vendors. The result is nothing less than amazing, revealing the tremendous value we offer.

So, why not just take a look :

Check us out at :     or






Future Of Online Shopping-Virtual Reality, AI Personal Assistant and Augmented Reality

At the recent Market America International Conference at Greensboro Aug, 2017, SHOP.COM got business partners like ourselves take a peek at the future of online shopping looks like.

With the blending of technology, SHOP.COM will give customers a better shopping experience not possible before. It involves state of the art technologies like virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality!

Take a look:

AI Powered Voice Activated Personal Assistant

Virtual Reality Glass


Augmented Reality

Looking forward to drive customer satisfactory to new heights through sharing our excellent products and services with virtual shopping experience  🙂

Aug 2017




We are now B2B WebSolutions Trainer


It was a great celebration of 25th Anniversary of Market America | SHOP.COM at Market America International Conference at Greensboro August 9 – August 13, 2017. (We will be covering more of that in our blogs!)

What’s significant for us is that we attended the B2B WebSolutions Trainer session a day earlier and are now certified as B2B WebSolutions Trainer for this division of SHOP.COM.

It is our goal to add exceeding great value through top class customized services to customers as well as train WebSolutions agents to do likewise.

We are now B2B WebSolutions Trainers with Market America | SHOP.COM


Celebrating 25th Anniversary with Market America | SHOP.COM at MAIC2017