Custom Build Your Web Site? Sure!


We serve the web presence needs of hundreds of thousands of businesses over the years, providing turnkey solution to small and medium size business market. We understand the needs of our clients to grow their business with a fresh and inviting web presence to attract their customers.

Our division of hundreds of highly skilled web site development specialists work tirelessly to bring new features, new tools to build modern, responsive designs conforming to Google’s Best Practices. With our Graphics Designers and Integrators working together with the Design Center teams, small scale customizations like CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)  to large scale development projects are managed to give the best outcome for our clients.

Where something unique that necessitate customization is required, our Custom Code team comes into play to provide the solution. As our customers you can request our custom code team to look at any feature of any website you would like to generate.  Smartphone applications, Interactive dealer locators, extensive secure forms, large scale searchable organization charts, or custom solutions housed on a virtual server running a suite of plugins are all options available to you through our Custom Code department.

We will review your request and see if we can do it.  Pretty much, if you can dream it up, there is a possibility we can custom develop it for you!

When we receive Custom Code requests, our Custom Code team reviews the request and discuss what areas of the project we can do, and what areas we need more clarification to generate a quote.  Our Custom Code Project Manager will then follow up with you with any questions, comments, or requests for more information that may be required.
This collaborative process is vital to make sure our team is able to fully understand all aspects of your custom code request. Once all the details have been worked out, a quote will be provided based on a number of billable hours it will take our team to do the work.  All custom code requests require a signed written proposal before work can commence. For small changes it is not uncommon for them to only be charged a single hour, if not done as a courtesy.

Once the signed proposal is received, our team begins work. Depending on the amount of hours, or complexity of the project, this may be done quickly or take some time to complete. If custom code is being done as part of a Design Center project it is often the very last step after the project is out of final design but before going live.  You will work very closely with the Custom  Code Project Manager during this stage.

Once the first version is complete, often known as a Beta Test, you as our client reviews the project and provides requests for adjustments such as look, layout, or other changes. Once we make sure everything is functional and has the desired look and feel, the code goes live. Depending on the scale of your project, ongoing maintenance of databases, and bug fixes of code may be included as part of your monthly hosting.  If there were to be additional costs, those would be covered in the quote.

We will be most pleased to hear from you if you have questions about the Custom Code department or how if our services can benefit your business.
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