Why Content Is Important On Your Website


As a Web Solutions owner, one of the common questions from our clients is : “How do I make my existing and potential customers keep coming back to my website?”.

Answer : There must be something worthwhile for them to keep coming back to your website.

Time is valuable and non replaceable . So, offer value, offer reasons to come back to revisit!

There are many ways to do that. For today’s post, we will concentrate on CONTENT.


Quality content helps your website stand out – both to potential / existing customers as well as Search engines like Google.

If your website contains valuable and helpful information about subject matters of your business, be they products or services, it inspire confidence that you are serious in the business and knows what you are doing. In turn, it makes visitors more likely to check you out and ultimately purchase from you.

The modern buyer is much more educated and have resources on their fingertips (Internet) to do their research. They want to know as much as they can about the product/service offering. They want to know if you can address the questions they may have about the offering – the right size, material, the warranty, after-sales support etc. The more they are convinced that you provide the solution, they more willing will they to confidently make a purchase with you.

On the other hand, if they come across a site with barely any information or only see outdated information on a dated website, it’s like visiting an abandoned, run-down side of town with dusty windows and unkempt storefront. Well, maybe an exaggeration, but you get the point!


Content is one of the best way to increase your exposure on Google by improving search results relating to your product/service offerings. Google is built to continually refine their system to provide meaningful and updated results to the public using its search engine.

The old days of keyword dumping is over. Website owners and developers used to bombard Google with a whole host of keywords and phrases on their page regardless of whether they have anything to do with their site – they just want people to find their website, regardless of relevancy. Google has responded by ignoring the keywords and instead looks into your content to generate what it believes your rightful keywords to be. That’s artificial intelligence at work to eliminate cheating!

Hence, well written, relevant content is what Google regards as worthy to be put on higher ranking above other competitive websites. Google’s search results points to information that are topical, up-to-date and exactly what users are looking for.

So, what do you write?

Simply think like your customer! Address the questions the customers will ask and with each answer, point towards the solution that you offer. These information generally address what they need to know, why they want or need the solution, what makes your offering special. Include yourself in the pictures when appropriate. Talk about yourself, your years of experience, your training and expertise and other qualities that set you apart.


We know, we come across this all the time!

There are many legitimate reason for this reality. Many business owners are just too occupied with running their business that they don’t want to be bogged down with another to-do item. Some finds writing to be not their cup of tea. Some have difficulty coming up with what to write, which is mostly a perception issue.

It’s here that we can help.

Our Web Solutions division has hundreds of professionals working on various aspects of providing top notch solutions, some of who are expert copywriters. They will work with you to generate content for a nominal fee. Once you have begun to generate content, our 24/7 technical support can work with you to add it to your website.

Such small content writing investment can bring great returns to you from visitors checking out solutions of your offerings on the Internet. Your content writing service helps you stay up-to-date, relevant, informative and authoritative out there on the Internet, standing out amidst the competition and bringing you customers 24/7.

What are some of your content writing challenge?

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