Talking about Converting Spending Into Earning, how about doing it with everyday essentials – like

  • tooth paste
  • hand soap
  • hand sanitizer
  • deodorant

Sure! That will be SUPER!

Hence it’s really exciting when my associated online business launched a series of these everyday essentials in the recent International Convention.

Right at the current moment (Aug 2018),  these premium quality products are only available to business owners and not yet launched to the public. There will therefore not be associated links to the e-Commerce page for these respective products. When they are available, this page will be updated!

Let’s explore!



Brushing your teeth is an essential part of healthy oral hygiene routines. We have to do it every day, at least twice a day. As often as you use toothpaste, do you know what is actually going into your mouth?

If you are looking to add a premium, natural product to your household for you and your family’s oral health, Shopping Annuity’s Premium Natural Toothpaste is a great solution to help clean your teeth, freshen your breath and whiten your teeth, with gentle ingredients.

Shopping Annuity’s Premium Natural Toothpaste’s whitening and brightening power is supported by bromelain and papain. Our toothpaste contains these two natural proteolytic enzymes that have been shown to help whiten teeth2. Natural calcium carbonate, a commonly used polishing agent, is also used to support teeth whitening.1

Another thing to consider is that many natural toothpastes are known to put taste on the back burner. Shopping Annuity Premium Natural Toothpaste contains stevia, xylitol, and a blend of natural flavors to create a fresh, minty taste while you clean your teeth.

Our toothpaste contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Just ingredients that gently clean and whiten your pearly whites.



  • Natural ingredients
  • Fluoride-free
  • No artificial colors and flavors
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Helps clean and whiten teeth
  • Helps remove stains



Shopping Annuity Brand Hand Sanitizer – (Pack of 6)

Why Choose Shopping Annuity Hand Sanitizer?

Think about what you do in a normal day. Getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for their day, commuting to work, the long eight-plus hour workday – at your computer, talking on the phone, at the copy machine, out to lunch, trips back and forth to communal kitchen, socializing with co-workers – and so on. Now, think about everything you touch and come into contact with along the way. Are you feeling confident about how clean your hands are?

Five common ways to spread germs include1:
1. Nose, mouth, or eyes > hands > others
2. Hands > food
3. Food > hands > food
4. Infected child > hands to other children
5. Animals > people

Germs spread easily, but you can help make it harder by ensuring your hands are clean. Shopping Annuity® Hand Sanitizer is perfect to have on-hand for traveling, at work, or anytime you are on the go. Our hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of most common germs that may make you sick, and contains moisturizers and Vitamin E to keep your hands feeling soft and smooth, not rough and dry.

Keep your hands clean and fresh when you need it – without the stickiness and residue – with Shopping Annuity® Hand Sanitizer.



• Kills 99.99% of most common germs that may make you sick
• Pocketsize
• Use anytime, anyplace without water or towels
• Leaves hands feeling soft and smooth with moisturizers and Vitamin E
• Leaves hands feeling refreshed without stickiness and residue


Shopping Annuity Brand Organic Foaming Hand Soap – Sage Lime (8 fl oz / 236 ml)

Why Choose Shopping Annuity Organic Foaming Hand Soap?

Shopping Annuity® Organic Foaming Hand Soap is a plant-based hand soap that both cleans and moisturizes. This USDA certified soap is available in a Sage Lime scent. Tough on germs, yet gentle on your skin – you’ll love using Shopping Annuity® Organic Foaming Hand Soap when the call for clean hands arises.

A University of Michigan study found that out of 3,749 people, about 95% did not adequately wash their hands (see CDC recommendation) long enough to kill germs.1 The sample group, of which 10% did not wash their hands at all1, was observed in public restrooms.

Think about this scenario in your own life. How long are you washing your hands after using the restroom? How often are you washing your hands? How thoroughly are you washing your hands?

Germs don’t just breed in the restroom though. Whether it’s after a trip to the toilet, handling raw meat, coughing into your hand, or grabbing handles while standing on public transit, the risk of germ spread rises. Handwashing is one of the most important steps to avoid spreading germs and getting sick.2

Add Shopping Annuity® Organic Foaming Soap to your home or office as a part of your health and hygiene routine!



• Cleanses all skin types
• Fresh scent
• Moisturizes
• Free of detergents, sulfates, GMOs, gluten, artificial colors, fragrances and alcohol
• Certified to USDA Organic Standards by VOF


Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Deodorant – Single Tube (2 oz, 60g)


Why Choose Shopping Annuity Premium Deodorant?

Body odor is not pleasant and something we all try to contain. That’s why underarm care is one of our most important daily routines. When you’re feeling less than fresh it can take away your confidence. Don’t stress! Prevent odor and moisturize your underarms with our fresh, clean scented Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Deodorant.

Our one of a kind formula helps neutralize odor, keeping you fresh throughout the day without the use of harsh chemicals. It’s free of aluminum, parabens and silicones, and smoothly glides onto the skin without leaving a sticky residue. By using the Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Deodorant, you can feel assured in knowing that you are using a safe, quality product.

Add Shopping Annuity Premium Deodorant to your personal care collection at home and help prevent odor using a more natural approach.



• Fresh Clean Scent
• Free of aluminum, parabens and silicones
• Safe for all skin types
• Cruelty free
• For men and women


Other than the toothpaste, which is available in Canada, the other 3 new products are available only in the USA as at August 2018. Will update with new pictures and information when we take delivery of these new exciting products 🙂