If you have been using the Internet since the early years (200x), you probably read and learn about the great things Adobe has developed that enable interactive contents on web pages. I am referring to the technology called Flash, created by Adobe. Flash was ubiquitous for a great number of years. It was the only game in town when it came to being able to do anything interactive in the browser.  It had the market cornered on all things games, animated website intros, watching video and myriad other Internet activities.

Well, things have changed lots since that make Adobe Flash fall out of place in the Internet world.

First, the Internet community has been lobbying for open standards. Then there was this quarrel between Apple and Adobe with the former accusing Flash for being the cause of slowest. Then there was these seemingly endless news of security risks associated with newly discovered security holes in the software.

Now with the world going mobile with apps instead of desktop software and the open standard of HTML5, Flash has shown that age has caught up and is no longer the darling it once was.

Hence, with our maWebCenters platform, we are moving on as well.

Here’s the note from Brett Ratner, COO at maWebCenters in a recent blog.

“That’s right, soon all browsers will be blocking Flash by default.  Some will bury a setting that is hard to find to even enable it.  We’ve been monitoring this closely and were standing by, waiting for the final word.  We wanted to make sure we were out in front of the issue and weren’t stuck scrambling like other providers will be.

In anticipation of the browsers starting to block Flash by default, we have replaced the upload tool in eCommerce with a new version that does not rely on Flash.  This was rolled live last week.  In addition to the removal of Flash, it also comes with an improved user experience for assigning images to products.”

We look forward to serving our customers at maWebCenters with newer technologies that moves with the times to provide for better and safer user experience.

What has been your experience with Adobe Flash?

Tony & Annette Chia
maWebCenters Owner




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