Our Gen-Y Entrepreneurs led by Moses Tang put forth a Great Presentation on Apr 26, 2016.

Joanne, the Host of the evening is a young mom coming from the Financial industry.

Tobias Tang had tried running his business as well as managing restaurant and other managerial duties. However, he wants more out of what he is currently doing and seeking to build an asset he can count on.

Mimi learnt the importance of having a Plan B and is enthusiastic and eager to build her business while she is young.

Moses Tang shared about realizing how building the Market America | SHOP.COM business has enabled his family to have a lifestyle they enjoy and is fully committed to build his team and create wealth together.



Joanne hosted the event with much poise and professionalism


Tobias shared his entrepreneurship journey with much passion



Mimi delivered her presentation with much confidence and grace




Moses captured the audience’s attention from slide to slide, expounding what he learnt about the business






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