Ever faced with time crutch to solve issues with your hair or those irritating appearance issues, which somehow feature BIG on your confidence when you want to make a great impression in like – the next hour?

That’s why the FIXX line was created! To fix those seemingly unsolvable imperfections that are going to rob your of your chance of winning the day. You would very much love to have something on hand immediately to get those irritants behind you, something like FIXX line of products.

At the August 2018 MAIC event, several very practical products are just launched.

It’s a trio of FIXX ColorShield Shampoo, FIXX ColorShield Conditioner and Day Heat & Humidity Cream.


Use hair dye and finding your regular shampoo just does not protect the color long enough?

Now you can breathe easier!

Ultra-conditioning Fixx ColorShield Sulfate-Free Shampoo purifies your hair as it is formulated to cleanse and extend the life of your hair color.

Sulfate-free and fade-resistant, this nourishing blend helps you maintain hair vibrancy and color for the most luscious locks. Don’t you love this?


  • Sulfate-free formula cleanses hair without stripping color
  • Resists fading to extend the life of color treatments
  • Helps maintain hair vibrancy for brilliant color and shine
  • Conditions for smoother-looking hair
  • Ideal for color-treated hair




Speak volumes and turn heads with Fixx ColorShield Conditioner!

Specially designed to nourish color-treated hair while adding softness and shine, this specialized formula helps resist fading and utilizes rice protein to boost hair volume, for the ultimate color protector.


  • Protects hair color from fading
  • Maintains luminosity and vibrancy for shiny, healthy-looking hair
  • Conditions for smoother, softer-feeling hair
  • Rice protein boosts hair volume
  • Ideal for color-treated hair




Ever have those days, especially in summer, that the heat is just unbearable. Now, there’s something to relieve the discomfort to let you get things done.

Rising temperatures are no match for Fixx Control the Day Heat and Humidity Cream.

Formulated to protect your hairstyle, this innovative treatment utilizes Ama-Oil to reduce frizz caused by heat and humidity.

Take charge and preserve your luscious strands!


  • Ama-Oil formulated cream reduces the effects of humidity
  • Smooths hair to combat frizz in humid environments
  • Apply to wet hair for weightless protection that maintains your style
  • Ideal for all hair types