Ever have situation when it’s meal time and you are in the kitchen and wondering, “What’s shall I cook for dinner?”.

We normally shop for the whole week, having only a rough idea of what each meal will turn out. At best, the grocery list is an estimate and many items are left to chance. If you are fine with improvisation, you will be OK. Otherwise it can make up for a frustration mealtime experience.

Is there a solution that provide for exactly the ingredients you need for each meal, and with the recipes all readily done?

We found the answer in a solution called ‘Hello Fresh’.

It’s an online business providing : “Chef-curated recipes based on seasonal farm fresh ingredients, delivered to your doorstep every week.”

We have been ordering several meal plan from Hello Fresh and these are some of the yummy results!

Well, maybe we may add more of our Hello Fresh experiments in future blog posts!

Bon Appetite