We (Tony, Annette and the Vancouver UBP English Team) had earlier in our planning, decided to try Accent Inns Burnaby for our UnFranchise Presentation for 2015.

As it turned out, it was a Great Success!

All guests found it was easy to locate and there’s ample parking 🙂 It was a full house event with many new guests attending the presentation

We had Fred giving the Introduction of the Company as a 1st time Speaker. We had Andrew as 1st time Master of Ceremony together with Lily Zou. For the Product and Services segment, Hilke did a wonderful job for the evening.

Annette introduced Robert Kiyosaki’s Income Quadrant and ‘Rise Of The Entrepreneur’ intro video in her presentation drawing much attention of the audience.

Lily Zou topped the evening with not just the Compensation Plan but also the Shopping Annuity concept which is so revolutionary. She did a great job of putting tying the presentation together. The delivery was so powerful that many guests stayed back to find out more information about the business and arrange for follow-ups.

We also had the live feed of our event on Instagram with #planb1501

Below are some pics of the wonderful evening sharing about the UnFranchise Business :


20150127_193314 20150127_193549

20150127_195308 20150127_202938

20150127_205616 20150127_205621

20150127_205827 20150127_210802

Eventstagram-01 Eventstagram-02

Eventstagram-04 Eventstagram-06









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