Sick and tired of the feeling of chasing your tail when working for others?

It’s common and it come as no surprise! See, corporations need to ensure that it survive – not you. Your boss, your manager need to ensure that their position is protected – not yours. This is not to say that all corporations, managers and bosses are bad. It is just the way it is. At the first sign of trouble, who goes?

This phenomenon is made worst with the rapidly evolving changes brought about by technological changes – think : automation, machine learning, robotics, Artificial Intelligence etc. These new technologies are here to stay. Workforce in more and more industries are to going to be actually threatened by the fast pace of deployment of super modern super efficient technologies.

Perhaps it will be a good time to take a peep at the ‘PERFECT STORM’ challenging some old ways of doing things.


So what does this leave us, the common people?

Unless you are already riding this wave of change, good for you!

If you aren’t catching up, it is going to be miserable. I am not saying this to instill fear. (see )

Indeed at the very root of the issue, the old way of making a living is so out-dated that a new way need to take it’s place.

Here’s a concept you should explore

Instead of building your future on someone else’s turf – where they can pull from under your feet at their whim and fancy, why not consider building on your own turf.

Yes, it takes courage. Yes, there’s this fear about risk.

But, what is at stake? Do you want to keep doing the same thing till you reach 65 and find out that you don’t have much to tide you through your retirement years. Statistics shows that only 5% are financially fit for retirement. Why? Because the job system is not designed to make wage earners financially independent. Top this with the fact that you can live to be much older than 80, now tell me that not financially independent is not important? After all, who say that you should only retire when you are 65?

Sorry to impose these difficult questions. But I am here to raise the awareness that there is a better way. If only, you care enough to explore and find out if it’s something that you can work on.

And that idea is :


Here, we are not talking about traditional way of doing business.

We are talking about building your business asset on an online global platform that creates leverage.

It is a platform that ranks 65 on Internet Retailer

and is a 2 times winner of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) Torch Award for Integrity, Ethics and Trust.


Nevertheless, the MOST IMPORTANT element is YOU.

After all, whether you will be successful like many others who have done so, will depend entirely on the decision you are going to make, and the action you are going to take to make it happen.

YOU provide the WHY, WE provide the HOW and the WHAT

Fair Enough?


As disrupting technologies become more prevalent in every sector of the modern economy, the stability of many careers have been put into question as businesses seek to adopt them in increasingly fast pace to ‘modernize’ and more importantly, to cut cost. Actually amidst these challenges – are great opportunities!


Why not consider SHOP.COM online platform that :

  • don’t require renting a store front
  • don’t require inventory holding
  • don’t require employess
  • open 24/7
  • have no geographical limitation
  • global business right on the get-go
  • minimum start-up and on-going cost
  • excellent leverage with unlimited growth potential
  • evolving at the fore-front of technology

Question is : Are you looking to for a viable Plan B, even on a part-time basis, as an alternative to your existing career path, to break free from a 9-5 routine work schedule, to be independent from restrictive corporate rules, to build strong asset to be able to retire earlier? If so, we will love to meet with you. We are looking for self-motivated business partners to join us in our growing online global business.

You will probably have many questions in your mind – we understand.

In fact, this online business may or may not be for you.
We just need to come together and explore whether there is a fit.

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Tony & Annette Chia


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