Introducing Shopping Annuity Brand Everyday Essentials Products

Talking about Converting Spending Into Earning, how about doing it with everyday essentials – like

  • tooth paste
  • hand soap
  • hand sanitizer
  • deodorant

Sure! That will be SUPER!

Hence it’s really exciting when my associated online business launched a series of these everyday essentials in the recent International Convention.

Right at the current moment (Aug 2018),  these premium quality products are only available to business owners and not yet launched to the public. There will therefore not be associated links to the e-Commerce page for these respective products. When they are available, this page will be updated!

Let’s explore!



Brushing your teeth is an essential part of healthy oral hygiene routines. We have to do it every day, at least twice a day. As often as you use toothpaste, do you know what is actually going into your mouth?

If you are looking to add a premium, natural product to your household for you and your family’s oral health, Shopping Annuity’s Premium Natural Toothpaste is a great solution to help clean your teeth, freshen your breath and whiten your teeth, with gentle ingredients.

Shopping Annuity’s Premium Natural Toothpaste’s whitening and brightening power is supported by bromelain and papain. Our toothpaste contains these two natural proteolytic enzymes that have been shown to help whiten teeth2. Natural calcium carbonate, a commonly used polishing agent, is also used to support teeth whitening.1

Another thing to consider is that many natural toothpastes are known to put taste on the back burner. Shopping Annuity Premium Natural Toothpaste contains stevia, xylitol, and a blend of natural flavors to create a fresh, minty taste while you clean your teeth.

Our toothpaste contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Just ingredients that gently clean and whiten your pearly whites.



  • Natural ingredients
  • Fluoride-free
  • No artificial colors and flavors
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Helps clean and whiten teeth
  • Helps remove stains



Shopping Annuity Brand Hand Sanitizer – (Pack of 6)

Why Choose Shopping Annuity Hand Sanitizer?

Think about what you do in a normal day. Getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for their day, commuting to work, the long eight-plus hour workday – at your computer, talking on the phone, at the copy machine, out to lunch, trips back and forth to communal kitchen, socializing with co-workers – and so on. Now, think about everything you touch and come into contact with along the way. Are you feeling confident about how clean your hands are?

Five common ways to spread germs include1:
1. Nose, mouth, or eyes > hands > others
2. Hands > food
3. Food > hands > food
4. Infected child > hands to other children
5. Animals > people

Germs spread easily, but you can help make it harder by ensuring your hands are clean. Shopping Annuity® Hand Sanitizer is perfect to have on-hand for traveling, at work, or anytime you are on the go. Our hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of most common germs that may make you sick, and contains moisturizers and Vitamin E to keep your hands feeling soft and smooth, not rough and dry.

Keep your hands clean and fresh when you need it – without the stickiness and residue – with Shopping Annuity® Hand Sanitizer.



• Kills 99.99% of most common germs that may make you sick
• Pocketsize
• Use anytime, anyplace without water or towels
• Leaves hands feeling soft and smooth with moisturizers and Vitamin E
• Leaves hands feeling refreshed without stickiness and residue


Shopping Annuity Brand Organic Foaming Hand Soap – Sage Lime (8 fl oz / 236 ml)

Why Choose Shopping Annuity Organic Foaming Hand Soap?

Shopping Annuity® Organic Foaming Hand Soap is a plant-based hand soap that both cleans and moisturizes. This USDA certified soap is available in a Sage Lime scent. Tough on germs, yet gentle on your skin – you’ll love using Shopping Annuity® Organic Foaming Hand Soap when the call for clean hands arises.

A University of Michigan study found that out of 3,749 people, about 95% did not adequately wash their hands (see CDC recommendation) long enough to kill germs.1 The sample group, of which 10% did not wash their hands at all1, was observed in public restrooms.

Think about this scenario in your own life. How long are you washing your hands after using the restroom? How often are you washing your hands? How thoroughly are you washing your hands?

Germs don’t just breed in the restroom though. Whether it’s after a trip to the toilet, handling raw meat, coughing into your hand, or grabbing handles while standing on public transit, the risk of germ spread rises. Handwashing is one of the most important steps to avoid spreading germs and getting sick.2

Add Shopping Annuity® Organic Foaming Soap to your home or office as a part of your health and hygiene routine!



• Cleanses all skin types
• Fresh scent
• Moisturizes
• Free of detergents, sulfates, GMOs, gluten, artificial colors, fragrances and alcohol
• Certified to USDA Organic Standards by VOF


Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Deodorant – Single Tube (2 oz, 60g)


Why Choose Shopping Annuity Premium Deodorant?

Body odor is not pleasant and something we all try to contain. That’s why underarm care is one of our most important daily routines. When you’re feeling less than fresh it can take away your confidence. Don’t stress! Prevent odor and moisturize your underarms with our fresh, clean scented Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Deodorant.

Our one of a kind formula helps neutralize odor, keeping you fresh throughout the day without the use of harsh chemicals. It’s free of aluminum, parabens and silicones, and smoothly glides onto the skin without leaving a sticky residue. By using the Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Deodorant, you can feel assured in knowing that you are using a safe, quality product.

Add Shopping Annuity Premium Deodorant to your personal care collection at home and help prevent odor using a more natural approach.



• Fresh Clean Scent
• Free of aluminum, parabens and silicones
• Safe for all skin types
• Cruelty free
• For men and women


Other than the toothpaste, which is available in Canada, the other 3 new products are available only in the USA as at August 2018. Will update with new pictures and information when we take delivery of these new exciting products 🙂


Introducing Probiotics 10

Before diving straight into the ‘bolts and nuts’ about Probiotics 10, it is best to give a little background about probiotics and how it helps our digestive health and the importance of supplementation.

The following is extracted from :

Did you know that the number of bacteria in your body outnumbers your body’s cells 10 to 1? It’s true, and most of them reside in your gut. There’s no reason to worry – most bacteria are harmless, and having the right bacteria can even help! This leads us to the topic at hand, probiotics. While this buzzword has been around for a while, what are these tiny-but-mighty organisms and what do they really do?

What Are Probiotics?

Often there is confusion surrounding what a probiotic is, exactly. Simply put, they are live and naturally occurring microorganisms, bacteria, or yeasts, that support overall health. These microorganisms come in a variety of strains that can colonize the gut and thereby work to help maintain optimal bacterial balance.While these strains can and do act similarly at times, each has a slightly different purpose or use. Multiple strains, taken together, is often a preferred and effective way to support the needs of most individuals! There are a number of foods or supplements that contain these friendly bacteria and are supposed to help colonize our guts with health-boosting microorganisms, and their importance can not be overstated.


The History of Probiotics:

Starting in ancient Egypt, physicians used probiotics in the forms of fermented or soured foods for specific health-related conditions.  Think of popular foods such as kombucha, kimchi, or kefir!  At that time they did not know how or why these foods worked, they just knew that they did!  Thanks to years of scientific research, we now know that these foods were beneficial due to the naturally occurring bacteria that multiplied and fermented the food.

Dr. Eli Metchnikoff was the first to identify probiotics and their support of overall health. He proposed that by consuming these beneficial microorganisms, one could improve health.  He named these organisms “probiotics” which means ‘for life’ in Latin.  Dr Metchnikoff was a Russian biologist, zoologist, and protozoologist who did significant pioneering research into the immune system. His research was so significant that in 1908 he received a Nobel Prize for his work.

Types of Probiotics:

There are dozens of different probiotic bacteria, and the most common groups include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.  However, there are many different species within each group and each has many strains. It is important to keep in mind that this is a new and rapidly expanding area of research, but the most commonly used probiotics on the market today include the following:


Bifidobacterium bacteria are probiotics that can naturally reside in the mouth, digestive system, and vagina. There have been at least 52 different species of bifidobacterium identified to date. These bacteria are classified as anaerobes. This means that they do not need oxygen to grow or live, though this classification is not completely correct for all bifidobacterium.  


Bacillus bacteria can be found throughout the natural world including in the soil and water. These bacteria, unlike bifidobacterium, can be aerobes, meaning that they need oxygen to live, or they can be facultative anaerobes, which means they can live with or without oxygen. Bacillus bacteria can form spores, or more precisely spore-like forms that protect the bacteria and allow them to survive for extended periods in a dormant state. Only two species of this particular bacterium are particularly good for use in supplementation:

  • Bacillus coagulans
  • Bacillus subtilis


Lactobacillus bacteria are probably the most well known of the groups of probiotics. There have been approximately 180 different species of lactobacillus identified to date. These bacteria are non-spore forming bacteria that can that naturally reside in the digestive, urinary and genital systems.  Lactobacillus are the bacterium that are often associated with fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut.

What Do Probiotics Do?

Now that you’ve got the 101 on what these important organisms are, we can talk about what they do for your health + wellness! In the case of probiotics, there is a symbiotic relationship which means one organism provides help for the other.  In this case, humans provide food (nutrition) and shelter for the microflora while the bacteria support the health of the human host. But, how?


Probiotics and Gut Health

The complex community of microorganisms in your gut is called the microflora.  Your microflora actually contains hundreds of different types of microorganisms, and this includes bacteria, yeasts, and viruses! Most of this microflora is found in the colon and performs many functions that are important for health. Your body needs this good bacteria to absorb undigested starches, fiber, and sugars in foods. Having that healthy balance allows your digestive system to efficiently convert these carbohydrates into valuable nutrients and energy!

Additionally, as the microflora metabolize nutrition for themselves, they produce B vitamins, vitamin K, free fatty acids, digestive enzymes, natural amino acids, all of which the human host uses.

Probiotics and the Immune System

When you think about your immune system, where do you picture it? Most have no idea where to begin since it isn’t confined to one organ in particular. Instead, most of your immune system resides in your gastrointestinal tract! It’s this location that means what happens in your gut influences your immune function.

When your gut and microflora are healthy, your immune system has a large, thriving population of beneficial probiotics supporting those immune system receptor cells in your gut. These can help form a protective barrier within your colon and intestines and even help to train your immune system to respond in a normal way to antigens! Supporting a healthy presence of probiotics in your gut is an important step in supporting your health and well being.

Supplementing with Probiotics

Probiotics are more popular than ever before, and there is an ever-growing volume of research to support the use of probiotics for adults and children for a myriad of health and wellness needs. While there are dozens of supplements on the market, the all-new Probiotics-10 is a great way to ensure you’re providing your body with the right balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria!

This hot new product offers 10 billion CFUs from 10 of the most-studied and well-supported probiotic strains, utilizing the unique benefits of each to synergistically support numerous areas of health while also defending against the effects of stomach acid to ensure the highest percentage of CFUs reach their destination viable + alive!




Diversity of strains and total bacteria count are key elements in a powerful probiotic.

While many products on the market deliver a high total probiotic count, some only contain one or two bacterial strains. In contrast, Probiotics-10 provides 10 carefully selected bacterial strains, each of which plays a unique role to help your body maintain bacterial balance to support optimal digestive health.*

Other probiotics products may easily become less viable due to their manufacturing process and reduced shelf life.

By the time the product is used, it may be significantly less effective. Probiotics-10 features LiveBac® and BIO-tract®, patented delivery technologies that help keep probiotics alive during the manufacturing and digestive processes, thus maximizing its effectiveness.*

There are hundreds of different bacteria present in the digestive tract called microflora.

Some of these bacteria are beneficial and support the body in maintaining healthy digestive function. Maintaining a healthy balance of “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria supports your
digestive and immune health. Probiotics-10 can be a great option for helping you maintain
that balance and supporting overall health!*

√ 10 billion CFUs per serving
√ Helps maintain normal bacterial balance*
√  Promotes a healthy upper digestive tract*
√  Promotes a strong immune system*
√  Promotes colon health*
√  BIO-tract® technology†
√  LiveBac® technology††


• Lactobacillus plantarum
• Lactobacillus acidophilus
• Lactobacillus rhamnosus
• Lactobacillus salivarius
• Lactobacillus casei
• Lactobacillus helveticus
• Bifidobacterium bifidum
• Bifidobacterium longum
• Bifidobacterium breve
• Bifidobacterium infantis

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product(s) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
†BIO-tract® is a registered trademark of Probi USA, Inc. ††LiveBac® is a patented process and a registered trademark of Probi USA, Inc. U.S. Pat. Nos. 8,007,777 and 8,540,980.

Introducing TrimCafe

Following the tremendous success of TrimTea (sold-out several times after its launch) in our TLS product line, our associated online business has launched a complimentary product for those who prefer coffee over tea as their beverage of choice.

Think about it – drink coffee and stay slim! What a neat concept. And it’s formulation is based on science and built on a patent ingredient – to make sure the product works.

TrimCafe-Thermogenic Slimming Supplement from TLS



WHEN USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH A REGULAR EXERCISE routine and balanced diet, trim café may promote an effective, multi-layered method to weight loss.

TLS trim café contains Colombian Arabica Coffee powder and WellTrim® iG± (Irvingia Gabonensis/African Mango). With WellTrim® iG, trim café provides three main mechanisms of action to promote healthy weight loss: fullness, appetite control and metabolic balance. WellTrim® iG is also clinically shown to help reduce body weight, body fat, and waist circumference over time.


• Supports leptin sensitivity to help manage hunger and stimulate lipolysis

• Helps curb appetite

• May promote a feeling of fullness

• Promotes healthy weight management

• Helps promote weight loss

• Supports metabolic balance and wellness

• Moderates glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase enzyme activity to reduce the amount of ingested starches that are converted to triglycerides and stored as fat

• Supports levels of adiponectin to help maintain healthy insulin sensitivity

• Helps maintain normal blood sugar levels


Mix one stickpack (3.3 g) with 7 fl. oz. of hot water. May use more or less water, based on personal taste preference. As a dietary supplement, it is recommended you take once daily, or as directed by your healthcare provider. Most effective if taken 30-60 minutes before a meal, but not required.




FIXX – New Products Launched at MAIC2018

Ever faced with time crutch to solve issues with your hair or those irritating appearance issues, which somehow feature BIG on your confidence when you want to make a great impression in like – the next hour?

That’s why the FIXX line was created! To fix those seemingly unsolvable imperfections that are going to rob your of your chance of winning the day. You would very much love to have something on hand immediately to get those irritants behind you, something like FIXX line of products.

At the August 2018 MAIC event, several very practical products are just launched.

It’s a trio of FIXX ColorShield Shampoo, FIXX ColorShield Conditioner and Day Heat & Humidity Cream.


Use hair dye and finding your regular shampoo just does not protect the color long enough?

Now you can breathe easier!

Ultra-conditioning Fixx ColorShield Sulfate-Free Shampoo purifies your hair as it is formulated to cleanse and extend the life of your hair color.

Sulfate-free and fade-resistant, this nourishing blend helps you maintain hair vibrancy and color for the most luscious locks. Don’t you love this?


  • Sulfate-free formula cleanses hair without stripping color
  • Resists fading to extend the life of color treatments
  • Helps maintain hair vibrancy for brilliant color and shine
  • Conditions for smoother-looking hair
  • Ideal for color-treated hair




Speak volumes and turn heads with Fixx ColorShield Conditioner!

Specially designed to nourish color-treated hair while adding softness and shine, this specialized formula helps resist fading and utilizes rice protein to boost hair volume, for the ultimate color protector.


  • Protects hair color from fading
  • Maintains luminosity and vibrancy for shiny, healthy-looking hair
  • Conditions for smoother, softer-feeling hair
  • Rice protein boosts hair volume
  • Ideal for color-treated hair




Ever have those days, especially in summer, that the heat is just unbearable. Now, there’s something to relieve the discomfort to let you get things done.

Rising temperatures are no match for Fixx Control the Day Heat and Humidity Cream.

Formulated to protect your hairstyle, this innovative treatment utilizes Ama-Oil to reduce frizz caused by heat and humidity.

Take charge and preserve your luscious strands!


  • Ama-Oil formulated cream reduces the effects of humidity
  • Smooths hair to combat frizz in humid environments
  • Apply to wet hair for weightless protection that maintains your style
  • Ideal for all hair types



Lumiere De Vie Hommes – New Branding, New Products

Not wanting to just stop at 1, our company has out performed itself by introducing an entirely new line for one of our great performing Lumiere De Vie product line.

And this time, it’s also a big, pleasant surprise – product line for men!


Lumiere De Vie – Hommes


Lumiere De Vie Hommes Hydrating Aloe Cream – Ultra-Light Moisturizer (New Branding, New Product)

Lumiere De Vie Hommes Conditioning Beard Elixir – Beard Oil (New Branding, New Product)

Lumiere De Vie Hommes Cleansing Gel – Clarifying Cleanser (New Branding, New Product)

Lumiere De Vie Hommes-Real Men Take Care Of Their Skin

Absolutely, absolutely love this launch. The whole stadium went wild as the product images splash across the screen on announcement of this new line.

It’s special – it’s for men. Have any wonder why men are so left out of quality personal care products. Well, no longer. Our company listens. There’s a pent up demand out there for quality product at a reasonable price point. And that’s where our products will fit in.

Lumiere De Vie Hommes – Skin Care Line Curated WIth Modern Day Man In Mind

Modern Day Men

Modern Day Men

It’s one awesome product line that men are waiting for…