Obesity Crisis Driving Force Behind Canadian Food Guide Overhaul


On October 24, 2016, Canadian Health Minister Jane Philpott made an important health care announcement. She acknowledges that the current nutrition guide is effective and she will initiate a consultation process to update the nutrition guide with better recommendations with the latest scientific evidence.

What need to be addressed:

healthy eating strategy expected to include regulations to eliminate trans
fats and cut the amount of salt in processed foods which contributed to a bleak picture for people plagued with conditions linked to excess weight. The current guide is no longer effective in providing nutritional guidance.

  • Canadians are not eating enough vegetables, fruits, whole grains or milk and alternatives while certain nutrients such as calcium and fibre are under-consumed.
  • The guide was last updated in 2007 and Philpott says she’s heard from Canadians they find it difficult to
    navigate or apply its recommendations.
  • updated nutrition labels on pre-packaged foods and restricting marketing to children.

Note: At healthyplan.ca, we can help with high quality nutrition supplementation like calcium (Isotonix Calcium Plus) and fibre (Complete Greens).

Pertinent and shocking statistics
  • four out of five Canadians are at risk of developing cancer, heart disease or Type-2
  • six out of 10 adults are considered overweight and nearly one-third of young people
    also fall into the overweight or obese category
  • Roughly 30 per cent of calories consumed come from foods that are high in sugar, fat and sodi
What Will The Consultation Process Be Like

The Food Guide revision will include an online consultation on Health Canada’s website with health
professionals and everyday Canadians until Dec. 8.
The federal Health Department aims to have updated dietary guidelines by the end of 2018 that will reflect the most up-to-date scientific evidence
on diet and health.

Custom Build Your Web Site? Sure!


We serve the web presence needs of hundreds of thousands of businesses over the years, providing turnkey solution to small and medium size business market. We understand the needs of our clients to grow their business with a fresh and inviting web presence to attract their customers.

Our division of hundreds of highly skilled web site development specialists work tirelessly to bring new features, new tools to build modern, responsive designs conforming to Google’s Best Practices. With our Graphics Designers and Integrators working together with the Design Center teams, small scale customizations like CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)  to large scale development projects are managed to give the best outcome for our clients.

Where something unique that necessitate customization is required, our Custom Code team comes into play to provide the solution. As our customers you can request our custom code team to look at any feature of any website you would like to generate.  Smartphone applications, Interactive dealer locators, extensive secure forms, large scale searchable organization charts, or custom solutions housed on a virtual server running a suite of plugins are all options available to you through our Custom Code department.

We will review your request and see if we can do it.  Pretty much, if you can dream it up, there is a possibility we can custom develop it for you!

When we receive Custom Code requests, our Custom Code team reviews the request and discuss what areas of the project we can do, and what areas we need more clarification to generate a quote.  Our Custom Code Project Manager will then follow up with you with any questions, comments, or requests for more information that may be required.
This collaborative process is vital to make sure our team is able to fully understand all aspects of your custom code request. Once all the details have been worked out, a quote will be provided based on a number of billable hours it will take our team to do the work.  All custom code requests require a signed written proposal before work can commence. For small changes it is not uncommon for them to only be charged a single hour, if not done as a courtesy.

Once the signed proposal is received, our team begins work. Depending on the amount of hours, or complexity of the project, this may be done quickly or take some time to complete. If custom code is being done as part of a Design Center project it is often the very last step after the project is out of final design but before going live.  You will work very closely with the Custom  Code Project Manager during this stage.

Once the first version is complete, often known as a Beta Test, you as our client reviews the project and provides requests for adjustments such as look, layout, or other changes. Once we make sure everything is functional and has the desired look and feel, the code goes live. Depending on the scale of your project, ongoing maintenance of databases, and bug fixes of code may be included as part of your monthly hosting.  If there were to be additional costs, those would be covered in the quote.

We will be most pleased to hear from you if you have questions about the Custom Code department or how if our services can benefit your business.
We can be reached via tac@healthyplan.ca

Why Content Is Important On Your Website


As a Web Solutions owner, one of the common questions from our clients is : “How do I make my existing and potential customers keep coming back to my website?”.

Answer : There must be something worthwhile for them to keep coming back to your website.

Time is valuable and non replaceable . So, offer value, offer reasons to come back to revisit!

There are many ways to do that. For today’s post, we will concentrate on CONTENT.


Quality content helps your website stand out – both to potential / existing customers as well as Search engines like Google.

If your website contains valuable and helpful information about subject matters of your business, be they products or services, it inspire confidence that you are serious in the business and knows what you are doing. In turn, it makes visitors more likely to check you out and ultimately purchase from you.

The modern buyer is much more educated and have resources on their fingertips (Internet) to do their research. They want to know as much as they can about the product/service offering. They want to know if you can address the questions they may have about the offering – the right size, material, the warranty, after-sales support etc. The more they are convinced that you provide the solution, they more willing will they to confidently make a purchase with you.

On the other hand, if they come across a site with barely any information or only see outdated information on a dated website, it’s like visiting an abandoned, run-down side of town with dusty windows and unkempt storefront. Well, maybe an exaggeration, but you get the point!


Content is one of the best way to increase your exposure on Google by improving search results relating to your product/service offerings. Google is built to continually refine their system to provide meaningful and updated results to the public using its search engine.

The old days of keyword dumping is over. Website owners and developers used to bombard Google with a whole host of keywords and phrases on their page regardless of whether they have anything to do with their site – they just want people to find their website, regardless of relevancy. Google has responded by ignoring the keywords and instead looks into your content to generate what it believes your rightful keywords to be. That’s artificial intelligence at work to eliminate cheating!

Hence, well written, relevant content is what Google regards as worthy to be put on higher ranking above other competitive websites. Google’s search results points to information that are topical, up-to-date and exactly what users are looking for.

So, what do you write?

Simply think like your customer! Address the questions the customers will ask and with each answer, point towards the solution that you offer. These information generally address what they need to know, why they want or need the solution, what makes your offering special. Include yourself in the pictures when appropriate. Talk about yourself, your years of experience, your training and expertise and other qualities that set you apart.


We know, we come across this all the time!

There are many legitimate reason for this reality. Many business owners are just too occupied with running their business that they don’t want to be bogged down with another to-do item. Some finds writing to be not their cup of tea. Some have difficulty coming up with what to write, which is mostly a perception issue.

It’s here that we can help.

Our Web Solutions division has hundreds of professionals working on various aspects of providing top notch solutions, some of who are expert copywriters. They will work with you to generate content for a nominal fee. Once you have begun to generate content, our 24/7 technical support can work with you to add it to your website.

Such small content writing investment can bring great returns to you from visitors checking out solutions of your offerings on the Internet. Your content writing service helps you stay up-to-date, relevant, informative and authoritative out there on the Internet, standing out amidst the competition and bringing you customers 24/7.

What are some of your content writing challenge?

Moving On To New Standards

If you have been using the Internet since the early years (200x), you probably read and learn about the great things Adobe has developed that enable interactive contents on web pages. I am referring to the technology called Flash, created by Adobe. Flash was ubiquitous for a great number of years. It was the only game in town when it came to being able to do anything interactive in the browser.  It had the market cornered on all things games, animated website intros, watching video and myriad other Internet activities.

Well, things have changed lots since that make Adobe Flash fall out of place in the Internet world.

First, the Internet community has been lobbying for open standards. Then there was this quarrel between Apple and Adobe with the former accusing Flash for being the cause of slowest. Then there was these seemingly endless news of security risks associated with newly discovered security holes in the software.

Now with the world going mobile with apps instead of desktop software and the open standard of HTML5, Flash has shown that age has caught up and is no longer the darling it once was.

Hence, with our maWebCenters platform, we are moving on as well.

Here’s the note from Brett Ratner, COO at maWebCenters in a recent blog.

“That’s right, soon all browsers will be blocking Flash by default.  Some will bury a setting that is hard to find to even enable it.  We’ve been monitoring this closely and were standing by, waiting for the final word.  We wanted to make sure we were out in front of the issue and weren’t stuck scrambling like other providers will be.

In anticipation of the browsers starting to block Flash by default, we have replaced the upload tool in eCommerce with a new version that does not rely on Flash.  This was rolled live last week.  In addition to the removal of Flash, it also comes with an improved user experience for assigning images to products.”

We look forward to serving our customers at maWebCenters with newer technologies that moves with the times to provide for better and safer user experience.

What has been your experience with Adobe Flash?

Tony & Annette Chia
maWebCenters Owner




Internet Sales & Marketing Seminar – Nov 18/19, 2016

“Market America|SHOP.COM  is a global product brokerage and Internet Marketing company specializes in one-to-one marketing”

As a business owner of SHOP.COM, of course Internet Sales and Marketing is one of the essential skills to master!

With the introduction of a new training series, Vancouver is ready to launch its very 1st Internet Sales & Marketing Seminar with certified trainers Tony & Annette Chia.


For the price of $40, the seminar covers the full ISM Training Syllabus!





Ticket :  http://ism2016.eventbrite.ca

Tony & Annette Chia :   achiayvr@gmail.com    604.760.2004


Friday Nov 18, 2016    7:00 pm  – 9:00 pm



DESCRIPTION: Educate UFOs about the various tools and features of SHOP.COM so that they can match the right feature to the right customer.  Class will be able to participate in live demos.

INTERACTIVITY: Trainer will walk guests through 3 activities: Download SHOP Buddy, Comparison Shopping, Build a Trend Shop

TIME: 2 hours


  • UFO ID Number
  • Attendee handout: Unfranchisetraining.com > Training/GMTSS > Internet Marketing:Internet Sales and Marketing > SHOP.COM: Providing Customers a Better Way to Shop (Aug 2016)
  • Fully charged Smart phone ( having standby battery pack is always a good idea! )
  • Tablet or laptop


Saturday Nov 19, 2016    10:00 am  – 12:00 pm



DESCRIPTION: Educate UFOs about the various websites and resources they have for promoting sales and for expanding distribution.

INTERACTIVITY: Trainer will walk guests through downloading and getting started with the UFVP app and Prospecting App

TIME: 2 hours


  • UFO ID Number
  • Attendee handout: Unfranchisetraining.com > Training/GMTSS > Internet Marketing:Internet Sales and Marketing > WEBSITES, TOOLS, RESOURCES: Leveraging Technology to build an UnFranchise (Aug 2016)
  • Fully charged Smart phone ( having cell phone charger with cable plus standby battery pack always a good idea! )
  • Tablet or laptop

*** Note : there is a short break between 12:00 pm and 12:30 pm.
Attendees can take a quick lunch break at nearby fast food stores or bring along their lunch.


Saturday Nov 19, 2016    12:30 pm  – 2:30 pm



DESCRIPTION: Educate UFOs on successful Social Strategies which create prospecting and selling opportunities.

INTERACTIVITY: Class will participate in a 4-part Social Media Workshop

TIME: 2 hours


  • UFO ID Number
  • Attendee handout: Unfranchisetraining.com > Training/GMTSS > Internet Marketing:Internet Sales and Marketing > SOCIAL MEDIA 101: Successful Social Strategies for UnFranchise Owners (Aug 2016)
  • Fully charged Smart phone ( having cell phone charger with cable plus standby battery pack always a good idea! )
  • Tablet or laptop


Saturday Nov 19, 2016    3:00 pm  – 5:00 pm



DESCRIPTION: Educates UFOs and their guests about the Power of the Shopping Annuity The class will take the Shopping Annuity Assessment together.

INTERACTIVITY: Attendees will complete the Shopping Annuity Assessment together in the class. (Similar to a Shopping Annuity Bootcamp)

TIME: 2 hours

•UFO ID Number
•Attendee handout: Unfranchisetraining.com > Training/GMTSS > Internet Marketing:Internet Sales and Marketing > SOCIAL MEDIA 101: Successful Social Strategies for UnFranchise Owners (Aug 2016)
•Fully charged Smart phone ( having cell phone charger with cable plus standby battery pack always a good idea! )
•Tablet or laptop

Free Parking : available along the streets ( E.Broadway, 8th Avenue East, Kaslo Street)
Public transit :  Translink  Bus #9  /  #99
SkyTrain : Renfrew Station

Ticket :  http://ism2016.eventbrite.ca