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As the retailing scene turns unmistakably to online, away from the traditional brick and mortar model, many retailers hustle to own a piece of action on the Internet. Invariably, retailers face challenges that they have never encountered as this is the new ocean that they are fishing in. In fact, the current can be swift…Read more SHOP.COM – 3rd Fastest Loading Mobile Site

*ALL-STAR* +B5+ ?

^UP^ NEXT - #TeamVancouver! Dear UnFranchise Owner, Indeed, YOU are a very important member of ALL-STAR #TeamVancouver! Come and learn WHAT's NEW, WHAT's EXCITING, WHAT's HAPPENING in our SHOP.COM business - right here in VANCOUVER. An Event to  *** SHOOT FOR THE STARS *** VANCOUVER *ALL-STAR* B5 with Alex Kwong, Field Consultant, Western Canada +PLUS Vancouver…Read more *ALL-STAR* +B5+ ?