Google Mobilegeddon – Apr 21, 2015!

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The BIG QUESTION comes Apr 21, 2015 : Is y0ur website Mobile Friendly?

If you haven’t notice how important this question is, just search the term ‘Google Mobilegeddon’ and you will find tons of articles talking about it :


The long and short is this : if your website is not ‘mobile-friendly’ in the eye of Google’s search engine, your site will rank lower in search results on mobile devices!

Considering that mobile devices is a fast growing platform among users, this change is pretty significant.

To see whether your website pass Google’s ‘mobile friendly’ test, visit  Google’s tool to quickly evaluate the status of a page. On this page, you will also get advice on what steps to take to make changes to your site pass the test.

Remember that this change can be a good opportunity to get your website appear more favourable compared to others who have not take the diligence to upgrade their virtual assets.

All the Best with your website mobile friendly update.

– Tony n Annette




Don’t miss our GenY event coming April 28, 2015!

We are so excited about upcoming event in Vancouver for our online business!


As a business that runs 100% virtual, it is the model that GenY very much feel at home. They are connected (on the Internet, at least) all the time – on their smartphone, tablets and whatever implementations of Internet Of Things!

What do they do when connected, especially on Social Media? SHARING, of course! Sharing their experiences, their lives, their stories etc. This virtual engagements form the basis of Social Selling. It is the hallmark of the current wave of online marketing.

Why stop at just sharing? Making the next move towards GenY entrepreneurship is just natural and even rewarding, very rewarding.

We are so excited to be able to have a very successful GenY entrepreneur in the business, Benson Li, who comes all the way from Toronto to be our Guest Speaker for the evening. Benson earns between $4,500 USD to $9,999 USD every 4 weeks in our online business!

That’s quite a princely sum for a GenY Entrepreneur 🙂

To hear him share his success story, come over to this event :

UnFranchise Business Presentation

April 28, 2015
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Accent Inns Burnaby
3777 Henning Drive, Burnaby, BC


Theme : GenY, Shopping Annuity

Tickets : $5

Where To Get Tickets :

* URL shortened link to this Eventbrite ticketing site :

* Tony & Annette Chia :  | 604.760.2004

* Your Business Team Leaders



You will be glad you did!

A peek into what we use for presentation events!

Running a business like ours involves training and development about :

1) the company

2) the business

3) the products and services

4) how to use modern implementations to share with others – matching product to people and people to product

5) how to nurture your team members in leveraging each others’ strength in building the business

6) sure, there are lots more points – so I’ll just stop here!

Just wanna share what we acquire and use for our regular business presentation in this blog!

Here goes:


After paying for equipment rental at the hotel venues, we surely feel that we can save cost by getting our own. The following just covers what is included in the pic above. There are other equipments which we will share at another opportunity.

– The notebook, of course is for the presentation slides. Will try using Tablets in the future! Anyone has great tips, please write over!

– Clicker – this is our 2nd clicker. The 1st clicker is much more fanciful but presenters  often trip over those many buttons. Lesson learned : the simpler the better! Button : Next, Back, Laser 🙂

– Projector, which is an NEC LED projector (get these LED projectors, they are much affordable and does not have the annoying habit of having the expensive bulb blown out at critical events)

– Wireless microphones. We were using wired microphones initially. Having to meddle with cables on the floor has been an issue. So it’s time to go wireless. We first have ‘The Singing Machine’ wireless hand-held microphone to start with. It was cheap and good! Something like $25 CAD. Still having to hold the microphone can be challenging for presenters not used to holding the mic with one hand and the clicker with the other – you can imagine some pointing the wrong device and wondering what’s happening 😉 So comes the wireless lapel (Lavalier microphone) from PYLE.


Got the PYLE  from The Source online – $40 and with CashBack 🙂

Firstly, $40 is a super sweet price! At first we are wary that it will be one of those lemons. But, IT IS DEFINITELY NOT! It has pretty good range, has volume control and pick up pretty good for voice. Will do a product review here if we can find the time! 5 thumbsup – we even bought a second one as standby.

Next, what’s CashBack? A quick explanation here.

At our online portal :, create an account (no membership fee, no credit card info required – 100% benefits). As preferred customer, when you make purchase of our company products or navigate to our hundreds of Partner Stores, you get to earn CashBack from your purchase. These CashBack amount credited into your account can be used toward subsequent purchases or when over $10, you can request a cheque be cut and send to you.

Will cover more about Partner Stores in upcoming posts.


Tony n Annette Chia

Our online business just expanded to the Europe region

Just weeks ago, our online business has expanded to the European Union region and UK!


Our virtual store at has just been established several weeks ago.


We are able to register customers into our portal. There are lots of Partner Stores featured in the portal including Harrods, Asos, Argos, Tesco Direct, Marks and Spencer, Next, Sainsbury Grocery, Mothercare, Clarks, Sports Direct, Homebase, Toys R Us, Wilko and many, many more popular online shopping destinations. Customers there can earn point via SHOP TRACKER, which is equivalent to the CASH BACK system in North America.

On the business end of the development, we will be able to open our business to citizens and residents of UK as well as business partners.

We are truly operating an International online business and are very excited over this development.




Internet Retailer ranks our business #46 on 2015 Top 500 Social Media

Internet Retailer magazine has released a brand new Top 500 Social Media Report ranking Internet Retailer on the social media space for 2015.

Market America SHOP.COM has been ranked #47!



As Internet Retailer, we are intentional in our marketing effort in reaching out and engaging consumers on the offerings of our products and services.

Many promotion materials are already done by corporate office for us to use on our own social media space. These high quality resources saves time and cost and help tremendous in driving interest and sales in the business.