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Household debt is at an all time high and it is not changing anytime soon. ( households held $1.68 in credit market debt for every dollar of disposable income, Statistics Canada said – Sep 15, 2016 ) This is where we can help you with considerable savings with the SHOP FINANCIAL DEBT SHREDDER system.



Although the technology exists to extend our life span exists with new breakthrough in health science, many are not able to enjoy the quality of life that it is supposed to bring. In fact, the general population across the age groups continue to struggle through health challenges. It is much better, in terms of quality of life, personal fulfillment and even economics to begin with prevention by adopting a healthy lifestyle. At HEALTHYPLAN, we are here to help with trusted solutions in addressing your health concerns.



Do you run a business? If so, you are probably aware that the Internet is very much an integral part of modern business. Customers, suppliers, governments, contractors, competitors etc. are all using the Internet for doing searches for solutions and to fulfill various important functions. Having a strong, positive Internet presence is essential whether your business is based on traditional brick and mortal model or a virtual on-line model. Our Web Solutions division is a full-service web services provider to help you create modern, attractive business presence as well as creating effective campaigns to drive traffic and generating sales for your business.